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Canadian-based Technology & Fitness Company Process Improvement Case Study


We were asked to help our client enhance their operational efficiency. This includes improving their inventory management capabilities, allowing for more accurate tracking and control of their resources. Additionally, helping integrate planning capabilities will enable the client to streamline their processes and make more informed decisions. Furthermore, gaining better visibility into the flow of goods will enhance their ability to monitor and optimize supply chain operations. Finally, establishing service level agreements with manufacturing and logistics providers will ensure a smoother and more dependable supply chain ecosystem. These areas represent critical avenues for improvement and optimization within the project.


Our project approach was multifaceted, commencing with leadership and stakeholder engagement to comprehensively document the current state, identify opportunities, pain points, and desired outcomes. Following this, we aligned on the desired future state, outlining anticipated benefits and value delivery. We then conducted gap analysis and developed remediation plans to bridge the divide between the current and desired states. Our implementation strategy involved a multi-step activation approach, supported by ongoing after-action reviews, performance evaluations, and project adjustments for maximum adaptability and optimization. Finally, we concluded the program with a structured exit and stabilization phase, guided by predetermined criteria and metrics, ensuring the project's successful achievement of its objectives and a solid foundation for the future.


Our project yielded several key results: We comprehensively documented the end-to-end goods flow and functional processes, providing a holistic view of operations. We successfully developed service level agreements with manufacturing and logistics providers, fostering structured partnerships. A supply chain control tower and performance management dashboards were implemented, enhancing real-time visibility and control. We also established an integrated planning process, facilitating improved coordination and decision-making. Finally, the development of a master inventory scheduler and demand planning tool equipped the client with a robust system for optimizing inventory management. These outcomes collectively signify a substantial enhancement in the client's supply chain efficiency and effectiveness.


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