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Chris Brown

From Military Service to Consulting Excellence

Chris isn't your typical consultant. Before joining RCSG, he spent over 20 years serving his country in the U.S. Air Force. His career focused on the dynamic and diverse Munitions career field, taking him across the globe and shaping his skills in leadership, program management, and navigating complex systems.

These skills perfectly translated to his current role, where he helps Fortune 100 companies implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Currently, Chris is assisting a client with integrating their new ERP with numerous 3PL-owned warehouse management systems. His understanding of complex systemsability to thrive under pressure, and build relationships have been instrumental in achieving major milestones in this project.

Beyond the Boardroom: A Life Full of Passions

Chris's dedication extends beyond his professional life. When he's not tackling challenging projects, you might find him spending quality time with his daughter, exploring his faith through church activities, or pushing his physical limits through bodybuilding, hiking, running, and a variety of outdoor adventures.

Preparation Paves the Way to Success

One of Chris's guiding principles is reflected in his favorite quote: "We don't rise to the level of our hopes; we fall to the level of our preparation." This philosophy resonates through his meticulous approach, strong work ethic, and commitment to continuous learning.

More Than Just a Consultant

Chris is more than just a valuable asset to the RCSG team; he's an inspiration to his colleagues. His diverse background, dedication to excellence, and passion for life resonate with everyone who encounters him. We're proud to have Chris on board and excited to see what he accomplishes next!


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