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Ryan Ona

More Than Just a Title

Ryan's role at RCSG goes beyond a simple title. He acts as the orchestrator of our expansion, crafting and executing strategies that propel us forward across marketing, sales, and product development. But that's not all. Ryan also leverages his expertise as a client-facing consultant, offering invaluable insights on people, processes, and tools throughout the supply chain. He thrives on the challenge of finding solutions that benefit both RCSG and our clients, demonstrating a true commitment to collaborative success.

A Journey Fueled by Experience

Before joining RCSG, Ryan spent over 20 years climbing the ladder in leading retail and wholesale Fortune 500 companies. From his early days as a store manager to his later leadership roles overseeing global capabilities, he navigated diverse positions across the supply chain. This unique journey instilled in him a deep appreciation for every role within an organization, understanding how each contributes to achieving goals and serving customers.

"This experience has shaped my professional values," Ryan reflects, "emphasizing the importance of end-to-end thinking and treating people with respect." This philosophy shines through in his leadership style, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment at RCSG.

Fueling His Passions, On and Off the Clock

When work is over, Ryan isn't one to slow down. He prioritizes staying active, whether it's on the tennis court, hitting the golf course, or exploring trails on a hike – anything that gets him outdoors and recharges his batteries. He also enjoys exploring the world of flavors, discovering new restaurants, experimenting with recipes, and expanding his palate with unique whiskeys and wines.

Taking the First Step

One quote that resonates deeply with Ryan is "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." This reflects his belief in continuous improvement and the power of small actions to lead to grand achievements. This philosophy applies both to his personal pursuits and his dedication to driving growth at RCSG.


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