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Fortune 100 Footwear & Apparel Company - Returns Foundation


Our client has a complex and industry leading supply chain supporting direct-to-consumer, brick-and-mortar retail, and wholesale business models. Like many large supply chains, capabilities must continually evolve to meet customer needs. Our client had a reverse logistics issue spanning several countries in Latin America, the Pacific region, and Asia. Regional supply chains were evolving their capabilities to meet the needs of their local markets and over time it made standardization challenging, and funding unique models more costly than necessary.

RCSG helped our client streamline their processes, incorporate automation, deliver customer-centric improvements, optimize inventory turnover, and centralize certain operations.


RCSG’s first priority was to gain key stakeholder buy-in and help set clear direction for the initiative. We worked closely with our client’s lead for the initiative to identify and onboard a steering committee comprised of key leaders with authority and interests aligned to the work. Then, we worked with leads in the various countries to document their current models, pain points, and initial thoughts on solutions. While continually aligning with key stakeholder groups, RCSG facilitated a detailed analysis of gaps ensuring each country perspective was captured.

The analysis fueled a multi-step activation approach, incorporating after-action reviews, performance evaluations, and adjustments to the project plan to ensure an agile and effective process. Following the gap analysis, RCSG facilitated alignment on a future state all countries were willing to adopt.

When the program neared completion, RCSG guided the exit phase, adhering to predetermined criteria and metrics and checking against established objectives and business outcomes.


RCSG helped the client align with their key constituencies and document customer returns policy. Further, RCSG was able to help streamline end-to-end returns processes and clearly define service level agreements. Roles and responsibilities have been realigned to harmonize with the new standardized process, and targeted organizational restructuring has addressed prior gaps. A suite of standard reports were developed, enabling efficient process measurement and monthly performance assessment. The implementation of a centralized forecast data system has enhanced decision-making capabilities. In line with technology advancement, RCSG has gathered front-end and back-end requirements for a comprehensive technology solution, poised to drastically reduce manual intervention and employee hours.

With RCSG as a trusted partner on this initiative, our client was able to achieve its objectives for returns standardization and optimization.


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