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Online Exchange Platform Process Improvement Case Study


In addressing the challenge at hand, RCSG seized a unique opportunity to make a significant impact with a client – a startup supply chain company. The client's Customer Service team was grappling with multiple changes: new leadership, employee turnover, and a measured decrease in the team's operational efficiency. Notably, customer service KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) showed unfavorable trends, with growing time-to-resolution and a backlog of unresolved tickets, demanding immediate attention. Furthermore, the existing processes were well documented but lacked standardization, with discrepancies ranging from higher-level categories to granular activities and tasks. In response, RCSG leveraged its industry expertise to provide invaluable insights. By tailoring our approach to the client's unique needs, we aimed to foster trust, unlock value, and optimize their customer service operations. Our goal was to transform the team into a well-coordinated, high-performance unit.


In approaching this challenge, RCSG took a methodical and comprehensive approach to drive transformative change. Our initial step involved conducting a meticulous current state analysis and engaging in stakeholder interviews, allowing us to benchmark the existing customer service processes and assess their cross-functional implications. This provided us with a holistic view of the situation.

Subsequently, we conducted an extensive audit of the current processes, comparing them against industry best practices and standards. Our evaluation leveraged the APQC (American Product and Quality Center) process classification framework and other industry benchmarks to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. We also scrutinized the existing process maps and standard operating procedure documentation, seeking opportunities to enhance clarity and standardization. This thorough review revealed several areas where process maps and SOPs could be streamlined for increased efficiency. Furthermore, we identified and documented previously undocumented processes, ensuring that no critical details were overlooked.


Through our meticulous efforts, RCSG delivered a range of impactful results. We provided recommendations, including optimal staffing based off forecasted volume, to enhance efficiency of ticket resolution significantly. Our standardized process maps fostered team discussions on roles, responsibilities, and ownership, driving speed and efficiency in customer service operations. Leadership expressed satisfaction with the level of documentation and opportunities identified. We pinpointed areas for waste elimination while offering industry benchmarks specific to their growing business for effective metric measurement. Our maturity assessment guided the client towards capturing more customer service satisfaction scores. Notably, KPIs saw a substantial boost post-implementation.


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