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Riley McGee

Riley's Role at RCSG:

As a Marketing Assistant at RCSG, Riley wears many hats. She's responsible for crafting engaging content for social media platforms and email campaigns, conducting thorough market research to guide strategic decisions, analyzing marketing data to measure performance, and providing invaluable support across various marketing initiatives. Riley's dedication to her role underscores her commitment to RCSG's marketing objectives and its continued growth in the market.

Riley's Journey Before RCSG:

Before joining RCSG, Riley accumulated a diverse skill set through a range of experiences. From curating social media content to orchestrating fundraising events and honing her customer service skills in the retail industry, Riley's background has equipped her with the versatility needed to thrive in her current role. Her multifaceted experiences contribute to her innovative approach to marketing at RCSG.

Beyond the Office Walls:

Outside of her professional endeavors, Riley finds joy in a myriad of hobbies and activities. Whether she's spending quality time with loved ones, embarking on outdoor adventures, indulging her passion for baking, or enjoying some retail therapy, Riley embraces life's simple pleasures with enthusiasm and zest.

A Motto to Live By:

For Riley, one motto stands out above the rest: "Always stay humble and kind." This mantra, popularized by Tim McGraw, encapsulates Riley's values of humility, kindness, and integrity. It serves as a guiding principle in both her personal and professional life, reminding her to approach every situation with empathy and grace.


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